Weight Loss 

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Hypnotherapy for losing weight is very effective at :  

  • Putting you off high concentrated fatty sugary foods.         (Leading you to actively seek more healthier choices).

  • Hypnosis can assist you in raising your motivation,

  • Improve your confidence.

  • ​Hypnotherapy offers multiple ways to achieve a steadily observed weight loss program personally  suited to you.

  • With the intended view of keeping weight off permanently.  

  • Adopting a healthier lifestyle and feeling better about yourself.

  • Helping you to live your life at the weight you want to be.

  • Hypnotherapy avoids deprivation, yo-yo dieting and counting calories.

  • Adapting to a healthier lifestyle with adequate portions of anything you like.

  • Using techniques that are designed and tailored to you

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Say NO to YO-YO dieting & Calorie Counting.

This involves setting a routine that is right for you, not someone else.

A lifestyle that is workable, not punishment or leading to extremes.

It also means being good to yourself. 

Loving you for you.


You are  worth it in every way, everyday Just taking it one day, one step at a time. 

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Media influences on Weight Gain and Weight Loss

The media targets both men and women 400 times per day on :

  • How you should look.

  • How much you should weigh.

  • Feel about ourselves.

  • All too often it is a negative perception we develop towards ourselves.

  • We are not good enough!  -  This is not true and you are perfect the way you are.

  • It is your thoughts & feelings resulting from this media targeting  that drive you to lose weight and then regain the weight back (this is designed by the diet industry worth billions every year to keep you hooked and spending your valued and hard earned money.​)

  • How you feel matters.

  • We do not see the information our subconscious takes in from the media and other external environmental sources.  

  • Information by the subconscious mind goes in a lot faster than our conscious mind can assess.

  • Therefore we need to install a guard at the gate of our mind.

  • To challenge or dismiss for ourselves and our children.

  • The thin airbrushed models we often see in magazines are not real at all and will always remain unobtainable.

....Be Happy being You....