IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have any concerns about your health or currently taking blood pressure / heart medications. Please consult your GP for advice before proceeding.  The available recordings are NOT HYPNOSIS just purely relaxation, not tailored, these are generic and for everyone to enjoy. Tailored packages are available and I look forward to speaking with you later to arrange a convenient time to begin your required therapy. 

Here you will be able to access FREE Stress Reduction and Relaxation MP3's


There are two available recordings.


Feel free to try both as you may like one more than the other.

  •  The DIRECT VERSION is short concise and direct.

  • The IN-DIRECT VERSION is softer and longer.


See which one suits you best and please do send me feedback for free via the contact page on the website.

  • To access and enjoy these recordings.

  • All you have to do is send me your email.

Your recordings will be sent to you shortly

  • Please listen carefully to the following safety message enclosed on the recordings.

  • Then relax and become comfortable, close your eyes and take some time out for yourself.