When you engage Woods Hypnotherapy in any service you agree to:

A) Cost prices will not increase, unless there is a break of more than three months between appointments, in which case revised pricing may apply.

B) Accept that the treatment is offered on the basis that the information you supply, and affirm that this has been complete and truthful.

C) You accept that an agreement to work on the issues presented does not imply that a particular outcome of therapy can be guaranteed and that the fees charged, are for the therapist’s time.

D) Cancellation procedure for Woods Hypnotherapy is 48hr hour’s notification required Appointments can then be either rescheduled or cancelled. Non attendance: If you fail to attend without notice you will be liable to pay the full cost of the session.

E) You are free to withdraw from therapy at any time. Any charges will be subject to item for Woods Hypnotherapy packages for multiple sessions (D).

F) Please arrive for your appointment on time late appointments may have to be rescheduled.

G) Anti social behaviour will cause the immediate cessation of treatment.

H) The information that you provide will be kept confidential unless one of the following applies:

  • There is a legal obligation to share the information e.g. when the Children’s Act applies or a warrant / court order is issued.

  • You demonstrate you are a danger to yourselves or others,

  • If you say you have committed a serious crime.

I) if you have been referred by your GP or employer, or if I am working with you as part of a care team, I will share pre-arranged levels of information with the others involved.
J) If you have any problems, questions or complaints about your therapy, you agree to talk with me about them first. If we can't resolve the situation satisfactorily, then you have access to the formal complaints procedure of the following organisations.

H) The National Hypnotherapy Society. http:// www.nationalhypnotherapysociety.org/

I agree to be bound by National Hypnotherapy Society code of ethics. You may have been given a copy of the code upon request, if not you can view it on line at http://www.nationalhypnotherapysociety.org/about/code-of-ethics/

J) Home Visits – These may be arranged if suitable and all other avenues of appropriate venues have been exhausted (i.e. you have a condition that prevents you to travel to my clinic)

To arrange a home visit this information must be supplied after we have discussed the above option.  

  • Proof of identity must be provided. Passport or driver license photocopy.

  • Full address with Postcode and home telephone number

  • Your home must provide a quiet space as possible to work from with no interruption. Discretion in visiting address will be observed to protect client confidentiality.

H) Travel Costs

In the event that I have arranged a home visit a small charge will be added to the total fee to cover travelling expenses; this will be agreed prior to the commencement of any treatment.

GDPR Compliance

When you agree to enter a contract with Woods Hypnotherapy you also agree to the following terms and conditions about how your data is stored and used.

  1. All data is securely kept as per the recommendations and legislation set out by GDPR, the ICO and data protection laws.

  2. Your data will be kept for approximately 7 years; this is for insurance and professional body reasons. After the seven-year period, your data will be securely destroyed.

  3. All session notes will be secured in a locked filing cabinet for the duration of the seven-year period. All data secured on an electronic device which would be insurance documentation, anonymous statistical data for charities, etc will be encrypted with a unique password both on the relevant document and on the company's cloud.

  4. Confidentiality may be breached if it is within the public interest to do so as mentioned in the aforementioned section. i.e. you prove to be a danger to yourself or others, you have committed a serious crime, or a crime involving children.

  5. If confidentiality has to be breached legally, the client will not be informed of the breach for the safety of Woods Hypnotherapy  Staff.

  6. If the client wishes us to release or share information, for example, to provide evidence for the benefits tribunal, then a written letter must be provided which is signed and dated with specific instructions as to which information is to be revealed and to whom.

  7. All matters regarding data protection will be referred to Tessa Woods , who will be acting as the Data Controller for Woods Hypnotherapy 

  8. A copy of the data protection policy may be made available to you upon your request.

  9. All requests regarding data protection must be made in writing contact Tessa Woods Data Controller for Woods Hypnotherapy for address email woodshypnotherapy@outlook.com All requests will be dealt with within a 28 day period.

  10. If you are a client who is under the age of 16, and does not conform to the Gillick competency laws, then this part of the contract will have to be signed by an appropriate adult or legal guardian.

Privacy / Confidentiality Statement   Woods Hypnotherapy


Personal information is treated as confidential.


Information (such as personal contact details, personal, family and lifestyle information, medications, payment information – banking and credit card information) is processed to enable us to provide therapeutic sessions and to maintain accounts and billing and liaise appropriately with your health care provider. Information is retained securely for 7 years (or according to the professional regulatory guidelines) in locked cabinets,

Access is not available to anyone other than the treating therapist. Email address and phone numbers are kept on a secure pin coded device. We follow the common law duty of confidence for all mental health practitioners which means your information is treated as confidential and retained to provide you with the care / assessment or other service you have requested. The legal basis for this is legitimate interest.


Your information is secured and not disclosed to third parties. It is shared only with your consent (for example letter to your GP or Psychiatrist). Business contractors (such as Psych Assistant, Admin Assistant, and Accountants) work under terms of strict confidentiality.

You have the right to see and have a copy of any information which is kept about you or can identify you and you have the right to have information corrected and updated where no longer accurate.

Any questions please contact Tessa Woods Hyp Dip CS MHS and the Data Control Officer for Woods Hypnotherapy email woodshypnotherapy@outlook.com or call me on 07784429608.