A phobia can surround and become focused on anything. Let Woods Hypnotherapy assist you in reducing and eliminating your phbia. To begin to assess your phobia. Just work through and answer the following questions 


                                                                WHAT IS YOUR PHOBIA?


                                                              IS IT RESTRICTING YOUR LIFE?


                                                      WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO GET RID OF IT?  



  • Hypnotherapy works very well with Phobias.


  • Phobias provoke different reponses. Dependant on situation, object or place which is specific to you. Absolutely anything can be a phobia. So please do not be embarrassed or feel silly to discuss this with me. 


  • Through talking therapies, we can identify where your phobia began.

       However, At times this is not always neccersary, to go back. 


  • An elimation of, or a toning down can take place. It depends entirely on your wishes and the strength of your phobia. 

  • At Woods Hypnotherapy the autonomy and control is always yours 


  • I would assume however that it must be quite high for you, to be viewing this page.

  • Let me help, I run a FREE Initial Consultation with no obligation. 

  • We can talk more in depth there, in a warm confidential, secure surroundings