Hypnotherapy works very effectively with Phobias. Most problems are resolved in just a few sessions, even if you have had the phobia for years.

  •  Sessions are designed for maximum support.  This Therapy is tailored specifically to the individual FOCUSED ON RELIEVING, REDUCING SYMPTOMS.​

  • Hypnosis is a natural therapy it is non-pharmacological based (no-drugs).

  •  Find out what can be done and get a treatment plan which is tailored to you.

How sessions of hypnosis centred on your Phobia can help you.

  • Naturally deal with anxiety & stress.

  • Pleasant & relaxing, allowing your mind to reveal to you the cause.

  • Naturally relieve symptoms. 

  • Promote your sense of well-being.

  • Overcome any fears, worries, panic and disruption to life that a phobic response can cause.

  • Helping you to cope better, with a more positive outlook.

  • Overcome your phobia and make it a thing of the past.

Hypnotherapy for Phobia's


**Non-intrusive, with no unpleasant symptoms / side effects.

**Has been tried and tested.

**Tailored to healing, reducing, eliminating symptoms,   

    reducing discomfort, panic & flight fight responses giving the mind  

    another viewpoint and increasing coping mechanisms. 

What does this treatment involve?​

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy.

  • NLP and other techniques which are designed to enable you to be able to feel more comfortable, confident and in control in addition to...

  • De-traumatising any previous bad experiences you may have experienced using re-framing techniques (Subconscious mind)


  • Hypnodontics, Dental Phobia & Dental Anxiety.

  • Pain Control & Pain Fears.

  • Fear of Needles & Oral Injections.

  • General Stress & Anxiety Panic attacks surrounding objects or locations connected to phobia.

  • Bridge Phobia.

  • Fear of Heights.

  • Driving Phobia's.

  • Fear of hospitals.

  • Fear of the Dark.

  • Pteneraphobia (fear of birds).

  • Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces).

  • Gag Reflex & Fear of choking.

  • Emetophobia.

  • Technical Fears - Fear of the drill, suction, white bungs, fear of X-rays, fear of wearing an appliance (dentures, braces).

  • White coat syndrome.

  • If you do not see your specific phobia please contact me and let me know what therapy you are seeking as phobic response fall within certain criteria which woods Hypnotherapy can help with by treatment, or if not referral. 

  • Phobias provoke different responses.

  • Dependent on situations, objects or places which are specific to you.

  • Absolutely anything can be a phobia. So please do not be embarrassed or feel silly to discuss this with me.

  • At Woods Hypnotherapy the autonomy and control is always yours.

  • Fully Confidential service assured.

  • We are literally time tailored to you...