Its important to note! I.B.S. Is a functional disorder of the gut and therefore must be diagnosed by a Medical Doctor.  All medical routes need and must be explored, before any pain control techniques can be safely used / applied. Woods Hypnotherapy, is always run alongside good medical practice. 



Hypnotherapy is a natural, safe and proven alternative, 80% effective in reducing symptoms. 

A word on medications and pro-biotic drinks.


YOU could be on, two- up to five medications per day. Each of these is designed to counteract a symptom. Diarrhoea, Constipation, Pain and

Anti - Spasmodic's.A problem lies in the two & fro of medication's.Overtime the body, can become immune. This comes with frequent, long term usage. The bowel can also become dependant. Allowing medication to take over natural functions.Pro-biotics can also be un-helpful, if the sufferer is lactose intolerant. If this is the case. Please ask your doctor / pharmacist for advice on the capsule pro-biotics, instead of the yoghurt drink's.



  • Hypnosis is a natural therapy it is non-pharmacological based ( no-drugs)

  • No prescription fees which overtime can be very expensive. 

  • Sessions are spread over 3/4 months. Designed for maximum support. This Therapy is tailored specifically to the individual FOCUSED ON RELIEVING, REDUCING SYMPTOMS​

I.B.S. is a very serious, yet underestimated condition. Medical Science, can offer no explanation. There is no known cure.

Underestimated because, it has a very real/ detrimental impact on the person. All areas of life, are affected. The sufferer, he or she, becomes closed off. Leading to feelings of isolation, deppression anxiety and stress. 


Doctors / Gasteroenterologists, often find themselves, only able to assist by prescribing medication, to try and counter I.B.S. symptoms.



Hypnotherapy is now being recognised as being up to 80 effective in reducing the symptoms of I.B.S.


Firstly I recognise that IBS it is a real problem, offering support and validation. Hypnotherapy naturally works very well. effectively reducing stress & anxiety, in any therapy.STRESS plays a big part in IBS and it's symptoms. affecting mind, body, internal processes & functions. Fear, Anxiety & Stress can lead to hypersensitivity of the gut. Causing spasms pain, abdominal distension. This is all perfectly natural & understandable, due to what the sufferer experiences and has to go through (medical investigations). I.B.S is often bought on by STRESS. Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in reducing anxiety, stress. Hypnotherapy aids relaxation. Hypnotherapy therapies, treat the individual as a whole, body and mind. Tailoring the most effective therapies, directly to you.    




Two major hospitals have conducted extensive medical research on I.B.S. South Manchester, University Hospital and Guys Hospital, London. Trials showed up to 80% success rate using *Hypnosis and 90% of pateints have failed to respond to treatment with prescribed medication. 

  • I use the same Gut Specific / Directed Protocols as the above studies. 

How this programme can help you.

  • Naturally deal with anxiety & stress.

  • Naturally relieve symptoms. 

  • Promote your sense of well-being.

  • Overcome any fears worries panic and disruption to life that I.B.S. can cause Helping you to cope better, with a more positive outlook.

  • I monitor your progress with a symptom questionaire at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. So you can see your changes /progress. 

Hypnotherapy for I.B.S


**Non-intrusive, with no unpleasant symptoms / side effects.

**Has been tried and tested for 20 years.

** Can prevent need for longterm medication. Reduce or stop (after review with the doctor).** Save £££ for client & doctor medical and drug costs** can help you enjoy your life again. *Tailored to healing, reducing, eliminatingsymptoms

 reducing discomfort abdominal pain.

Quote: Valori British Medical Journal 2010

" There is no doubt in my mine that Hypnotherapy in the right hands us effective even in patients with severe forms of IBS"