Hypnosis : The Freqeuntly Asked Questions Page

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Hypnosis is a specialised form of verbal communication. Hypnotherapy directs the hypnotic state onto the specific area of life. That the individual wishes to ammend / change.  Using hypnosis a clients immagination is then directed, focused onto those issues. Outcome is focused upon actioning the required, desired changes.  

Can hypnosis work for me?

Yes it can. It works very well, on any subject that you choose,  that you place your focus upon. It is always best to focus upon one, maximun two life areas, within sessions.  Step by Step Hypnotherapy is observed  and felt with lifechanging results. 

The answer is yes, The hypnotic state is a natural state, in fact its so natural, you enter in and leave this state all the time.  Because it is so natural for everyone, it passes you by unnoticed.

What you learn to do within sessions. Is to access the hypnotic state. Directing it onto any area of your life. That you choose to. When your sessions are over you take with you a CD for self hypnosis at home. 

Am I able to be Hypnotised? 

Is it anything like the Media:

Films or stage hypnosis?

Absolutley NOT !!! I say this with a triple exclamation mark. What you see in the media and on stage is a dramatised  performance. There is nothing supernatural or unatural about this natural therapy.

The control is yours, you are always aware and in control. Free to leave this state whenever you wish to. There is no putting you under, making you do anything ie acting against your own will and ethics.

The control is yours. At WH Hypnotherapy hypnosis is always set within a safe therapuetic environment. 

Will I tell you anything, I do not want to? My secrets or anything I do not want to air or handle? 

Please do not tell me anything you do not want to. Or feel under any pressure to do so.  The

subconscious is positive, life forward. it will only release what you can handle and that you are ready for. 

Acting in your best interest.  Also please be reassured, this is a confidential enviroment. If you feel a secret needs to be expressed, it goes no further.  A secret is a weight afterall. Sometimes they need to be safely released. But that is always up to you my client.  As for your secrets there are safe with Woods Hypnotherapy. It is useful to note and bear in mind that trained methods are, always used and put in place, to handle such events.  Ethically and in the best interest of you, my client.