Helpful Articles: Stress

Welcome! Below you will find helpful techniques, you can do at home, on a few subjects.  I hope, you can find the information you need here. Please feel free to contact me. If you have any questions. Its important to note!. That If are concerned in any way, about any aspect of your medical health. Please contact your GP Surgery. Hypnotherapy is always run alongside, good medical practice.  Having a chat and a check up, rules out any potential medical reasons.

  • One or two activities here will assist you to lower your stress.

  • With practice these become better and better. 

  • Firstly breathing, autonomic functions get knocked out,

  • overtime with stress and we don't notice.

      It sounds too easy but its true.


  • As we put our attention on breathing slower and deeper.

  • Physiologically, we increase the oxygen supply which relaxes, body and mind. Clearing the mind and the body allowing thinking processes to become calmer, clearer and less erratic.


  • Secondly - structure you day, with a mix of work and pleasure. Do not overload yourself, by making endless to do lists. This will leave you to feel overwhelmed before your day begins and unfullfilled when it ends.  

  • Thirdly soundtracks -----develop your own personal soundtrack just for you, play whatever you wish too. Use it, too soothe every mood and every different emotion that you have.


  • Also very important, re-learn how to take time out for you. Often we are so busy with family and work responsibilties. We forget that life requires a balance. We for-go or forget about ourselves. Its good to note, if your not used to doing this. That in order to take care of anyone else. You need to ensure you take care of you, too. Being good to yourself, taking care of your needs. Is not selfish at all and it will make you a happier person to be around. 


  • Lastly another option is to exercise that stressful mood. But be careful not to overdue it. Never put your health at risk.  Try the above first and consult a Dr, if you need to. Then you can try, the below suggestions.

  • Use your stress constructively,

  • channel it, responsibly of course Into an activity that you enjoy and get something from.

  • So you can look back and you can see what you have done.

  • Gardening is excellent for this  gets you out, fresh air and in touch with nature.

  • Providing you with an achievement. Ensure that you log and you note steps taken in that activity (project) however big or however small it all counts towards the big picture!  Giving you something to smile about.