Helpful Articles: Overcome Your Fear

Examining your fears? Below details, a simple but effective method, you can employ with a pen and paper at hand. 


Just start by asking yourself these questions. 


What is my fear based on or around ?

Narrow down---What am I afraid of?

Then go onto decribing briefly.

What is the worst that can happen?

Then go onto describing briefly.

What is the best that can happen? 


Then weigh it up, finding the middle ground between the last two statements and questions. This often finds and reveals the most accurate logical version of what could happen. 


An important note:  If you feel a pronounced anxiety.  (Fear that is felt most or all of the time). This will be very difficult for you to identify. The subject concerned may be hidden from you view. Your too close to see it and in such cases. It is wise to seek proffessional assistance and advice.  




In using, applying the above method. It provides, gives you a different perspective.


The response we can generate due to our fear can be disturbing and exaggerated.

In reflecting on the event. These steps can help you to get an accurate assessment. A picture of the situation at hand. 


Another useful tool when examining your fear. Is to investigate! What you could do! That would be helpful, to you, This puts you back in control. This increases your options and soothes the mind. For example what resources or people you could talk to or call?


Remember you are not alone. You can seek help from a variety of sources and increase resources over time with research. 


Lastly please do not be embarrassed about your fear. Keeping silent only serves your phobias control of you and eventually it could make it worse. Discussing it will help you feel. That your are not alone. It will increase your understanding and help you to overcome it and you can overcome it.


 Also look at the stress management articles, for hints and tips.