Helpful Articles: Improve Your Confidence 

This is very effective approach. The only thing required is repetition.  


First Rule.... is is  be nice to you. Work to tone down the inner critical voice, that tells you off. Replace this.. with a postive tone.  Recognise you are trying your best. All to often, we are too hard on ourselves. Negating any positive aspects, we have acheived. Focusing purely on negatives or tasks we have not yet done. 


This makes us unhappy, impacting on our internal world. Messages received are "I am not good enough" or "I have not done enough" These repetitive conflicts lead to self doubt.  By learning and adopting a more balanced view. In practicing being kind to ourselves when things go wrong and not negating when things go right. In noticing these areas, celebrating every success and in every part being on your side. This give you the freedom to change your outlook, your responses and eventually your thought patterns.  Effectively working on raising your confidence.



The Tao De Ching, Quotes  " No tree, has branches so foolish, as to fight amongst themselves"  You are like a tree, balancing different personality traits. Which at times become conflicted. Just remember to be kind and that each part of you, your character is there to serve your interests and protect you.  


Use a personal affirmation. These work very well and can be very powerful, The mind loves, positive suggestion. Your subconscious is postive & life foward, This is another way of practising, being kind to you and supporting yourself, in what you want and need to do. 


The mind does not understand negatives and this only leads to doubt, dismay confusion.  Bringing you down. It is an unhelpful stratergy which you can change. So begin to recognise the positive truths about you? Be on your side. Remind yourself of the positives, throughout your day, However small and however big.  Learn to appreciate what you do. Very important, even if no-one else notices, recognise what you do. It is ok to feel good about what you do. Its ok to feel good about yourself.  


Practice taking time for you. If you are not familiar with this excercise. Begin with allocating just ten minutes per day. You deserve some "me time" you can be inactive, still or just do anything that gives you pleasure. Soon it will feel so good and you will look forward to your time. Spending quality time just relaxing or doing anything you love- look at the  stress managment article, also for hints and tips.