At Woods Hypnotherapy, I understand that you, are uniquely individual.  As sucheach case, each individual is treated uniquely

Therefore Hypnotherapy here is designed... specifically to you and only for you..... Just as the main title states, it is...literally.. Time tailored to you....... 


Woods Hypnotherapy was a seed in development in 2009. 


Tess relocated to Norfolk in October 2011 and decided to make the dream of WH a reality. In 2012 -

Now grown from a seed to a sapling to a young tree.


Woods Hypnotherapy continues to exceed my expectations. 


Tessa Woods is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society. 

Hypnotherapy, and what it has to offer, over so many fields, is a very exciting subject.  Not only used for therapy & pain relief.  It can be used to for any subject, you can think of and it is completely natural (no drugs / non- pharmacological).

Tess is passionate about her subject. Seeing the affects with clients directly every day.


This is clearly a vocation, not just a job.  Everyday is an experience, meeting and working with clients.  in this field is an absolute honor   As the journey, with each client is unique and life changing.  A real contribution can be felt.