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Hypnosis is a specialised form of verbal communication. Hypnotherapy directs the hypnotic state onto the specific area of life. That the individual wishes to amend / change.  Using hypnosis a client’s imagination is then directed focused onto those issues. Outcome is focused upon the required, desired changes.  

Am I able to be hypnotised? 

The answer is yes, the hypnotic state is a natural state, in fact it’s so natural, and you enter in and leave this state all the time.  Because it is so natural for everyone, it passes you by unnoticed.

What you learn to do within sessions. Is to access the hypnotic state. Directing it onto any area of your life. That you choose to. When your sessions are over you take with you a CD for self hypnosis at home. 

Can hypnosis work for me?

Yes it can. It works very well, on any subject that you choose, that you place your focus upon. It is always best to focus upon one, maximum two life areas, within sessions.  Step by Step Hypnotherapy is observed and felt with life changing results. 

Is it anything like media film or stage hypnosis?

What you see in the media and on stage

 is a dramatised performance. There is nothing supernatural or unnatural about this natural therapy. The control is yours, you are always aware and in control. Free to leave this state whenever you wish to. The control is yours. At WH Hypnotherapy hypnosis is always set within a safe therapeutic environment. 

Will I tell you anything, I do not want to? My secrets or anything I do not want to air or handle? 

Please do not tell me anything you do not want to. Or feel under any pressure to do so.  You mind is positive, life forward. It will only release what you can handle and that you are ready for acting in your best interest.  This is a confidential environment. But that is always up to you my client.  As for your secrets there are safe with Woods Hypnotherapy. It is useful to note and bear in mind that trained methods are, always used and put in place, to handle such events.  Ethically and in the best interest of you, my client

Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis is highly effective in assisting you to quit smoking. By the time you finish your session.

You will view cigarettes for the poison there really are.  You will never perceive it in the same way again. In just a single Two Hour Session

  • You can become a NON-SMOKER.

  • STUB OUT smoking for good and lead the long healthy lifestyle you deserve.

  • Save ££££'s per week, Per Month and Per Year leading to healthier finances which can surely be better spent on spoiling yourself elsewhere!  (Like the long deserved luxury holiday you have always wanted or spend it on a new hobby, the options are almost endless.)​

  • FREE yourself from the health risks, 

  • INCREASE your health, life span. HEALTH & well-being.

  • Spending more time with those you love. 

  • BE FREE from smelling of smoke.


  • Designed to fit perfectly to you. Literally time tailored to you.

Stress, Anxiety & Panic attacks 

Hypnotherapy is very effective for Stress Reduction and Relaxation.

In today’s society we all lead very busy lives. It’s important for your health to schedule time in for relaxation.

This has main benefits of soothing clearing your mind. Ensuring you are at your best and that you spend your energy wisely and efficiently. 

In learning and taking time out for yourself It serves your purpose providing you with much more benefits, than not allocating any time which leads to stress levels, reaching critical levels and then forcing you to take time out, sometimes needing months to recover? 

Why not book a FREE 30 minute chat to discuss your situation it is confidential and without obligation. 


I.B.S. is a very serious, yet underestimated condition. Medical Science can offer no explanation. There is no known cure.

Underestimated because, it has a very real/ detrimental impact on the person. All areas of life are affected. The sufferer, he or she, becomes closed off. Leading to feelings of isolation, depression anxiety and stress. 


Doctors / Gerontologists, often find themselves, only able to assist by prescribing medication, to try and counter I.B.S. symptoms.



Hypnotherapy is now being recognised as being up to 80 effective in reducing the symptoms of I.B.S.

Firstly I recognise that IBS it is a real problem, offering support and validation. Hypnotherapy naturally works very well. Effectively reducing stress & anxiety, in any therapy. Stress plays a big part in IBS and its symptoms. Affecting mind, body, internal processes & functions. Fear, Anxiety & Stress can lead to hypersensitivity of the gut. Causing spasms pain, abdominal distension. This is all perfectly natural & understandable, due to what the sufferer experiences and has to go through (medical investigations). I.B.S is often bought on by STRESS. Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in reducing anxiety, stress. Hypnotherapy aids relaxation. Hypnotherapy therapies treat the individual as a whole, body and mind. Tailoring the most effective therapies, directly to you.    

Two major hospitals have conducted extensive medical research on I.B.S. South Manchester, University Hospital and Guys Hospital, London. Trials showed up to 80% success rate using *Hypnosis and 90% of patients have failed to respond to treatment with prescribed medication. 

·       I use the same Gut Specific / Directed Protocols as the above studies. 

How this program can help you.

·       Naturally deal with anxiety & stress.

·       Naturally relieve symptoms. 

·       Promote your sense of well-being.

·       Overcome any fears worries panic and disruption to life that I.B.S. can cause Helping you to cope better, with a more positive outlook.

·       I monitor your progress with a symptom questionnaire at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. So you can see your changes /progress. 

Hypnotherapy for I.B.S


**Non-intrusive, with no unpleasant symptoms / side effects.

**Has been tried and tested for 20 years.

** Can prevent need for long-term medication. Reduce or stop (after review with the doctor).** Save £££ for client & doctor medical and drug costs** can help you enjoy your life again. *Tailored to healing, reducing, eliminating symptoms reducing discomfort abdominal pain.

·       Hypnosis is a natural therapy it is non-pharmacological based ( no-drugs)

·       No prescription fees which overtime can be very expensive. 

·       Sessions are spread over 3/4 months. Designed for maximum support. This Therapy is tailored specifically to the individual FOCUSED ON RELIEVING, REDUCING SYMPTOMS​

Open for business as usual. Either by online session, over the phone or in person (face to face) at my HQ (Gorleston). Support when you need it required to change your life to Quit Smoking, Reduce Stress or Panic Attacks to feel better helping you take back control and become wiser through your experience, I specialist within these fields, 

  • Stress Anxiety, Panic Attacks,

  • Smoking Cessation

  • I.B.S, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Gut Specific & Gut Directed Protocols).

  • Hypnodontics (Hypnosis for Dentistry).

Sessions are 1.5 hours each session is £60.00 flat rate

Smoking Cessation 2 hours 11 step to Quit Program £225.00

Special rates for key workers and free volunteer & taster sessions

Block sessions are available to book